First implementation of Singapore Traffic Web Application

I will be spending a lot of time studying and learning Javascript Server and Client libraries to develop a web application that will provide me with a good data analysis and consumer centric application able to reproduce and generate real-time, dynamic and even static data that is stored both locally and on the source website. By taking the first step forward to developing powerful applications with the data provided by my local Land Transport Authority, which they have given access to a lot of data that can be brought to public, we can use the data to first deliver to users in an easy to read format, retrieve from thousands of data sets and rows, store these datas, and analyse. Further on, I will implement machine learning for the app to develop thinking capabilities and find the best routes to a locations, reducing overall traffic loads, traffic jams and crowding. The next few posts will be my journey of developing such an application and the challenges I faced along the way.

Spoilers: I am a very new developer.


Data sets:

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