Spine Health

I’ve been reading this article, and I am more concern about spine health and spine growth then before. I will take measures and exercise those stretches whenever time permits and I am in a conducive environment to perform these stretches. I hope to improve my overall flexibility of my body and hence lead to better physique. I’ve heard that it can improve overall height and posture, bringing in benefits like better image and better gains in the gym.

I will be referring to a lot of websites and conduct my own research. Will post updates on findings carried out upon myself.

If you can provide more information to me, I would be glad to listen. Especially if you are an expert in this field, but you don’t have to be one if you feel you have a few feedback or ideas for me to test out.

Other than that, I’ve looked out the differences in milk types, powered milk vs fresh milk. Always liked fresh milk but powered milk are relatively more convenient and cheaper. See references [2]. However, I read online on the dangers of drinking too much powered milk. Powered milk is manufactured and the by-product of the manufacture is the harmful oxidised cholesterol that may lead to plague formation and result in clogged blood vessels. Worrying as it may seem, I would prefer sticking with fresh milk. I would say that fresh milk tastes better and I like it better.

I will review and write about my regime and workouts in later posts.

Have fun reading 🙂



[2]: https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/health-fitness/healthy-eating/is-powdered-milk-bad-for-you?page=1

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