Tasty Durians in Singapore (On sale!)

One of the many perks with living in such an expensive place, Singapore, is getting to enjoy one of the greatest fruits in the world. Durians. They are the king of fruits, beautiful tasty and creamy. What I like most about durians is its amazing soft but firm texture, pungent and delicious taste of the fruit. Biting down the meat of the durian allows me to enjoy the wonderful taste of the fruit that not all enjoy. Some people do hate the smell and the taste of the fruit but I am not one of them. Instead, I am enticed and I love durians very much. Recently, the prices of durians, which I consider a quite expensive fruit compared to many other fruits out there, have gone down significantly. I’ve read an article about where to get lower prices for durians and I would like to share:¬†http://www.moneydigest.sg/where-to-buy-durians-check-out-this-list-of-more-than-20-durian-sellers-in-singapore-updated-with-price-from-21-mar-2018/

Durians are versatile fruits, a good chef will be able to make a durian cake out of it and many other pastries, that exemplifies the taste of the fruit. There are other durian enriched meals and there is even a restaurant in Singapore, pairing and using durians to make different variety of foods. The restaurant is even offering a buffet to all its customers. I can’t wait for their discount to try at their restaurant.


More updates and pictures on my journey of acquiring durians! Stay tuned!

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