Château La Maroutine Bordeaux Rouge 2012 (Drinking)

Château La Maroutine Bordeaux Rouge 2012 from Bordeaux·France is a great wine that I’ve been drinking. It calms and relaxes my soul, bringing in my appreciative senses and allowing me to slow down my work and the constantly fast paced and infuriating life. 

When reading the reviews online on and drinking the wine, I come to better appreciate the quality of the wine, at the time of my reading was 3.4 stars out of 5. It is a marvelous red wine with average to strong grape tasting features that is particularly light and quite easy to drink. The first few sips brought me down to my senses and greatly calms me down. I don’t know if these things have stress relieving properties but I feel much better and relax after drinking a few cups.

It has quite a strong acidity, like oranges’ type of acidity.

If you have drank this before, what do you think?

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