We’re moving and reworking this website

We will be moving the content of this website to a sub-domain, beta.owl.sg blog.owl.sg

This may sound as a surprise to many people, as we are making room for other development on our primary domain. We want to make something greater, hence, we decided to move and archive the content on this site to a new area for static storage: beta.owl.sg

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be working hard on transferring the data from this website to another server under our control. We will be freeing up this landing page after the transfer is fully complete. You will see a static page with all the directories and projects we are working on or have worked on. Over the couple of weeks, we have been receiving a lot of traffic from any sources, eating up our minute sources of computing power required to run this website. Our current source code that powers the website right now is WordPress, which heavily relies on I/O heavy operations through the use of PHP and a transactional database MySQL. Many operations and read and writes are involved, hence burning out a lot of resources. We are temporarily moving the content to HTML static content on another page as stated above and we are beginning to re-write code that uses a different framework from scratch. We are essentially creating a better version of WordPress that can handle more operations with the same or lower amount of computing power or hardware.

Probably, it can become better and handle more traffic with higher performance for all users and lesser crashes. Only time will tell, and we will see about that in a few months.

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