What have I been doing for the past “so long”?

I may not be posting ‘posts’ as much as usual but there are reasons.

30th Apr to 10th May

I went Japan with my family, overseas. I’ll write more about it (if time permits D;).

10th May to 26th May

Very busy with work, occasionally met up with friends to catch up. Some weekends spent movie-time!

You may ask:

  • Why isn’t there any new posts for such a long time?

There as a problem with my website and web host. I wasn’t able to write anything when trying to create a “New Post” at the backend. I have once spent quite some time finding another host but resorted to Owl Web Hosting due to their great customer support and previous reliable experience with them

I was also very busy, needed to work and catchup. But I am trying to manage my time properly now and will be posting more often. I know it is not an excuse to not post anything.


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