Building high traffic sites

SEO matters a lot when building high traffic websites. There are many ways using SEO to improve your sites’ reachability and search ranking that is available on the Internet. However, there are high startup costs, where almost every site wants you to put money into programs that claim to improve your sites’ search ranking. It … Continue reading “Building high traffic sites”

Oct 2018 – What I am listening (A Star is Born Theme Song)

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper – Shallow (A Star is Born) Amazing vocals This song is based on a movie which I haven’t watched yet. Apparently, the movie A Star is Born. Apparently, on the time of my checking, there is 90% (Really good) rating on Rotton Tomatoes! After doing some searching on the net, I am … Continue reading “Oct 2018 – What I am listening (A Star is Born Theme Song)”