macOS Mojave

I’ve just updated my Macbook to macOS Mojave. The experience was amazing, extra-ordinary, though expected. It took me close to an hour and many tries of downloads (due to my rather slow and unstable network connection). I even brought it to school but it doesn’t seem to continue the download but rather restarting it. After so many tries, I finally got it to work and start installing.

When it was the first boot up, I was greeted with a few windows that allows me to change the newer settings of my mac. There were selections such as “Dark Mode” which I immediately chose. I am a fan of dark mode in everything. I use dark mode for Youtube, and any app that I can get “Dark mode” for. It just seems so much more pleasant using dark mode than having a bright screen stabbing into my eyes. Dark mode is MUCH pleasant to use in the dark, at night, walking around outside at night. There are so many reasons dark mode is so good. I would say that is the most important feature for me. 

The other feature I really liked was Desktop Stacks. Since I am using a Macbook, which prioritises portability than having larger screens, I tend to fill my whole desktop with tons of files. With stacks, just a click helped me with organising my desktop and helping me get to the files I need. 

There are a lot of other small features I may or may not be away of, like Preview improvements which I will find useful probably in time to come. However, I wouldn’t care about the other features like Dynamic Desktop. I wouldn’t use a dynamic desktop background either, since I am less concerned about that aesthetic part but just trying to get my productivity and comfort level up.

In conclusion, I was excited of this update due to the introduction of Dark Mode. I wouldn’t say dark mode is perfect. There will definitely be some bugs and improvements can be done here and there but all in all, it is a decent update overall. I do not see any major performance or battery life issues, but can other media companies verify that?


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