Selling your study materials

We’ve opened up this channel “Shop” for you to list your products for free. These products are subjected to study materials, PDFs, notes, presentation slides, audio and video files. You can set a price you would like to offer. Monthly earnings can be transferred using bank transfer to your account.

How to get my soft copy data listed?

      1. You already have a soft copy version: send us an emailĀ with the material description, title of listing and all the soft copy materials you would wish to upload and sell as a bundle/individually to [email protected]
      2. You only have the hard copy version: To see your product to multiple potential customers, you may either obtain a soft copy from a publisher or scan the hard copy version in a scanner to generate a PDF version, then do the above (1.)
      3. For new customers: you will be assigned a customer ID and a customer passcode. For existing customers: provide both customer ID and passcode in the email

How do I know how much I’ve earned

  1. We will notify you via email once there is one/multiple customers who’ve purchased within 3-5 working days
  2. You may enquire your current balance by sending us an email to [email protected] with your customer ID and passcode.


When can I withdraw what have earned

  • There is NO minimum balance for withdrawal
  • You can withdraw anytime after customer’s payment has reached our accounts
  • Just send an email “withdraw (amt)” to [email protected] with customer ID, passcode, and bank account information
  • We will notify you once we received your email and payment has been completed to your account. We’ll also update you on your account balance

Other Questions

  • Send us an email [email protected]
  • Subject: “Enquiry: (your subject)”
  • We’ll respond to you as quickly as possible

Commissions (% of sale price)

  • Study notes, videos, photos, PDFs related: 3%
  • Presentation slides: 5%
  • Media, videos, and photos (not educational related): 10%
  • Items above $200 in sale price: 3%
  • Software related & non-educational related (computer programs, etc.): 20%