MongoDB implementing multi-document ACID transactions

On a blog post on MongoDB’s blog site, it was mentioned that they are adding support for multi-document transactions. They claim that it will be the first database system with speed, flexibility and power of the document model with ACID data integrity. They mentioned snapshot isolation (I don’t know what it means) and provides globally consistent view of data through transactions.  Personally, I am very excited to develop under the new model of MongoDB. I can think of many applications to write with NodeJS and MongoDB integrated and I think they are really cool and they can solve many real world problems. However, I will have to wait and see how stable the release will be (for a couple of weeks to a month) before starting out on the coding of the applications.

Ever since MongoDB has integrated WiredTiger into their code (, which I just knew about it, I will be starting out smaller projects to make use of the “newly” acquired features of the database software.

Read more about the release on their blog post.