Binance Is Down

This is the error when trying to access the page. Looks like an error 500 to me. Their website has been and will be down for quite some time. There is nothing much to worry though.

I am pretty much aware that Binance is down right now, showing the error 500. They have already informed the public and through media posts. There is nothing to worry about. I believe that the downtime is only about 12 hours. I have some funds already on the Binance exchange. The only worry is that the prices of cryptocurrency may change drastically with no way of trading in or out of the cryptocurrency pair. So far, Bitcoin has been at the positive end. Still awaiting more news to come from Binance and how they are doing. According to their posts, they are moving data from one fork to another. That seems like a lot of work. Not to worry, they promised that no data will be lost. Or else I will be panicking here as well.


Binance is a major crypto-currency exchange site that specializes in trading BTC, USDT or ETH to other crypto-currencies, vice versa. I will be posting more about it sooner or later.


Read CoinTelegraph for more information

My first post

This is my first post. I haven’t thought much about it and just wrote this line before posting. Had to do much configuration work bringing the files and the website as a whole up and running. Phew! A sign of relief when everything is working as planned. In the future, I will make my posts more professional, and written well. Much like a portfolio liked work but not too “serious”.