Lazada Seller Center is amazing, but how amazing?

I’ve joined Lazada Seller Center about a year ago. Only recently did I receive an email from them telling me to add a product on my account or else my account will turn inactive. I was offered to have my products that I sold on another website, casually, be transferred for free by them as … Continue reading “Lazada Seller Center is amazing, but how amazing?”

Tasty Durians in Singapore (On sale!)

One of the many perks with living in such an expensive place, Singapore, is getting to enjoy one of the greatest fruits in the world. Durians. They are the king of fruits, beautiful tasty and creamy. What I like most about durians is its amazing soft but firm texture, pungent and delicious taste of the … Continue reading “Tasty Durians in Singapore (On sale!)”

Node.JS and other Javascript Guides (PDF)

Node.JS from TutorialsPoint: Node.JS Marklogic Server: JQuery from TutorialsPoint: ReactJS from TutorialsPoint: AngularJS Novice to Ninja: Code School AngularJS: MongoDB by TutorialsPoint: NodeJS Web Development:

I bought and subscribed to Zero1 network

You know what? Singapore’s new Zero1 virtual network provider is out and I’ve purchased it at the promotional price at $19.99 per month. They promised unlimited data in Singapore, islandwide. There is also the advertised free 200 mins and 200 SMS-es. Over the next few months, I will be testing the network heavily and I … Continue reading “I bought and subscribed to Zero1 network”

First implementation of Singapore Traffic Web Application

I will be spending a lot of time studying and learning Javascript Server and Client libraries to develop a web application that will provide me with a good data analysis and consumer centric application able to reproduce and generate real-time, dynamic and even static data that is stored both locally and on the source website. … Continue reading “First implementation of Singapore Traffic Web Application”